27. February 2019

My unforgettable intercultural summer

In September 2016, the president of SIETAR Austria (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research), Barbara Covarrubias Venegas , invited me to attend a workshop in Vienna. As […]
27. February 2019

It’s us who define the narrative about “the others”.

In the light of events from last couple of months and years, many of us keep wondering what has gone wrong, why extremists and populists are […]
27. February 2019

A deaf mute princess

And once again we are over the period when we summarized the year. We looked back at what we achieved in past few months and we […]
27. February 2019

What drives you to work with other cultures?

Have we ever asked this question ourselves? Have we ever asked this question the employee we regularly send on an international business trip to close an […]
27. February 2019

Sometimes being culturally intelligent is very simple

Few days ago one radio channel invited me to give an interview and to talk about the cultural intelligence (CQ). As this topic and the whole […]
7. February 2019

Future is now

For the last few years I have been attending various business and HR conferences which often had the same main topic on the agenda – the […]
31. August 2018

Why cross-cultural education matters

The other day I was having lunch with a friend who wanted to understand what my recently founded company Cultural Bridge is about. After walking her […]