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Cultural Bridge is first in bringing the concept of Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and of Emotional Capital to Slovakia and to Central and Eastern Europe. We have built up a very unique portfolio of the most acclaimed psychometric assessments and some of the most renowned developmental frameworks which allows us to offer a very pragmatic and efficient approach to intercultural skills development. Choosing the right assessment tool we identify those particular areas of our clients that might create challenges when interacting across cultures and dealing with differences (e.g. low motivation to work with people of different cultural backgrounds, lack of empathy, low ability to manage stereotypes and prejudices, lack of knowledge about cultural differences and how they shape our behavior, missing preparation prior to the cross-cultural encounters or inability to adapt the verbal and non-verbal behavior).

Based on the outcomes of the psychometric measurement we design a development activity that helps to increase the chance of an individual or an organization to succeed in a diverse context, domestically or internationally. Since the development of cultural and emotional intelligence is a long term process our activities result in creation of individual development plans that guide our clients on their journey of continuous learning.

Cross-cultural workshops and training

We provide workshops and training to teams in sales, customer support, to project management teams or any other team who is regularly exposed to difference working with clients, peers and partners from different cultures. Besides understanding the cultural differences and learning about cultural specifics, these teams learn to design strategies how to bridge those differences and achieve their goals despite and through diversity.

Leadership skills development through Emotional Intelligence

Using the outcome of the globally acclaimed psychometric measure – The Emotional Capital Report ® - which uses a powerful and concrete language around some of the most challenging and often less tangible elements of leadership, we design a six to twelve months coaching program to help our clients managing difficult emotions with greater discretion to respond to stressful circumstances and to remain resourceful and focused, building better relationships by adjusting their behavior to achieve outcomes of greater value, and equipping them with a set of emotional skills needed in today’s volatile and dynamic reality.

Intercultural coaching

Based on client’s need and the outcome of one of the global skills measurements, we design six to twelve months long coaching program where we help individuals to overcome their discomfort from differences, deepen their understanding of culture and its impact on people’s values, attitudes and behaviors, shift their perspectives and learn how to look at things from various perspectives reducing the impact of their own biases, and widen their repertoire of behaviors that might be more appropriate for the individual’s work environment.

Assessment of global skills

We have created a very unique portfolio of globally acclaimed psychometric tools that allows us to understand our clients at their deepest level and to design our programs in a way they perfectly match development needs of our clients who work in a very diverse and emotionally challenging environment. We are qualified facilitators of IDI® (Intercultural Development Inventory) which measures individual, team and/or organizational mindset towards differences and indicate potential implications to performance. We are certified to measure CQ® (Cultural Intelligence) of individuals who are planning for their international assignment or relocation to new country, of leaders who manage diverse teams and/or professionals such as project leaders or sales leaders who interact with people of different backgrounds. And finally, we are licensed to use ECR® (Emotional Capital Report) which helps leaders understanding how emotions shape their thoughts and actions, and how they can maximize their influence as leaders.

Design of Diversity & Inclusion strategies

We provide complex solution for organizations who are exposed to greater level of domestic or international diversity, and who want to increase engagement of their diverse workforce, maximizing their performance and who want to build their employer brand on the foundation of respect and inclusiveness. We help them mapping the organizational mindset towards differences, sharing the outcome with the leadership team, running an audit of existing processes, policies and values looking for potential hidden biases, providing education to stakeholders, facilitating the design of new, more inclusive strategies, and consulting on how to bring the strategy into life.

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