Our Story

The education and consultancy company Cultural Bridge was founded to help individuals, teams and whole organizations dealing with the difficulties of intercultural encounters.

The environment we live and work in is becoming more and more diverse, technologies help us to communicate with the most distant countries, the progress in transportation makes it possible to travel more than ever before, the globalized economy and new open markets allow us to run businesses and deal with various cultures. The international cooperation is no longer the privilege of the multinational corporations. Cross-cultural encounters are becoming reality to each of us.

The more in touch we are with other cultures, the more we feel that only the respect or the “we are all humans” approach is not enough. The books and courses full of information about basic cultural differences and about stereotypes are not enough neither.

My name is Andrej Juriga, the founder of Cultural Bridge and a facilitator of cultural intelligence certified by Cultural Intelligence Center in Michigan, USA. When I studied at the University of Vienna (Austria) and the University of Granada (Spain) I already noticed there were differences between me and “the others”. I quickly understood that I had to adapt to those cultures in order to be successful.

The cultural differences were part of my professional life as well. During the seven years of selling to the German market I worked hard to get closer to the mentality of my German clients which significantly helped me to achieve better sales results. And in order to meet the expectations of my American bosses I invested lot of time and energy in building strong relationships with my colleagues from India, Morocco, Italy and the Benelux countries.

Later on, when I moved to the role of an HR consultant I was helping the managers from Australia, Malaysia, UAE, various European countries and from the USA to find an effective way of managing their teams based in Slovakia. Together we were looking for ways how to avoid bad decisions based on wrong interpretation of a specific cultural situation.

My cross-cultural competence was heavily tested during my two years assignment in Morocco. As a consultant, I was helping to build cultural bridges between various African and European teams.

And it will be my pleasure to help you as well.