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Cultural Bridge is first in bringing the concept of cultural intelligence (CQ) to Slovakia and to Central and Eastern Europe, and in offering a very pragmatic approach to cross-cultural skills development. Through the only academically validated measurement of CQ we identify those particular areas of our clients that might create challenges when interacting across cultures (e.g. low motivation to work with people of different cultural backgrounds, low ability to manage stereotypes and prejudices, lack of knowledge about cultural differences and how they shape our behavior, missing preparation prior to the cross-cultural encounters or inability to adapt the verbal and non-verbal behavior). Based on the outcomes of the CQ measurement we design a development activity (clicking on this link should bring the web page visitor down to the section with development activities – the 4 tabs: teams, individual, key note presentation and special programs) that helps to increase the chance of an individual or an organization to succeed in a cross-cultural context. As the development of cultural intelligence and cross-cultural skills is a long term process our activities result in creation of individual development plans that guide our clients on their journey of continuous learning.

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Group workshop (2 days)

The participants will learn the theory of cultural intelligence directly through their personal feedback reports that reveal very clearly their development areas. The report also compares the individual results with dozens of thousands of participants from around 64 countries who went through the same test. In case of the 360 degree assessment the participants will see the comparison of their self-assessment with the feedback coming from their peers, clients and bosses. No matter if the report shows low motivation for a cross-cultural experience, lack of knowledge about the specific culture, uncertainty in preparation for an international encounter or limited repertoire of verbal and nonverbal expressions, the participants leaves the workshop with a set of very useful tips how to improve the area of cultural intelligence in which they scored low. And they also leave with the draft of their individual development plans.

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Group training (1 day)

The participants will get detailed understanding of a topic that resonates more and more within the society; will understand the reason behind this trend and will learn about the benefits of high cultural intelligence. They will get all the details of the four dimension CQ model and all its sub dimensions. Through the analysis of real case scenarios and through the experience from the practical exercises the participants will learn to apply the acquired theory to day to day intercultural situations. Every participant will get a set of very useful tips about how to increase the motivation needed for a successful interaction with a foreign culture, what has to be learned about the respective culture, what are the social systems and cultural norms / values that have a significant impact on people’s behavior in the work environment. Also they will get very concrete tips about how to effectively prepare prior to the intercultural situation and how to monitor and re-evaluate the progress during the encounter. And finally the participants will learn that word selection, voice volume, the speed of the speech, facial expression, gestures or eye contact have also a serious impact on the success of an encounter with other cultures.

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Group training (1/2 day)

The participants will get the basic understanding of a topic that resonates more and more within the society; will understand the reason behind this trend and will learn about the benefits of high cultural intelligence. They will get the details of the CQ model based on four pillars, each of those will be explained based on real case scenarios. Through very concrete business cases of real existing companies they will learn how significantly the cultural motivation contributes to a successful intercultural encounter, how to identify the differences between our and the other cultures, how a detailed preparation for a cross cultural encounter helped to get a very important deal and how a wrong word selection or inappropriate gestures can lead to a cultural clash.

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Individual development program (6 months program)

The baseline of the individual development program is the CQ test at the beginning and at the end of this program. Based on the results of the initial test that reveals the development areas of the participant, he/she will get a very concrete individual development plan. This plan helps to improve the specific area and to increase the overall level of participant’s cultural intelligence. It also helps the participant to get ready for the cross-cultural situations. In each of the sessions the participant learns about how the respective area impacts the success of an intercultural encounter and gets a list of activities linked to that area. After the session the participant will need to perform those activities in real life situations. The outcome is monitored and evaluated over the course of next sessions. At the end of the six months program full of case studies, role plays, videos, discussions and funny exercises, the participant goes through the CQ test again which will measure the participant’s progress.

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Keynote presentation (max. 2 hours)

The participants will learn about the cultural intelligence and about reasons why the society pays more and more attention to it, and will learn what benefits a higher cultural intelligence brings to individuals, teams and to whole organizations. They will learn to understand the importance of the cultural motivation; what influence on people’s behavior in work environment does the political / economic system, family, religion and other social norms have; they will realize how critical a detailed preparation for a cross cultural encounter is and learn how intensely the word selection and nonverbal communication impact the succession rate of a business meeting or any other cross cultural situation.

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Tailor made programs

Do you need to prepare an employee for a long term assignment in a foreign country? Does your HR team support multicultural teams and managers from various countries and you need them to avoid cultural misunderstandings at workplace? Do you plan an expansion to new markets? Would you like to include cross-cultural competence into the annual performance plans of your employees and managers? Do you want to build a talent pool of future strong global leaders who will manage teams across various countries?

In case you have specific needs and requirements do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to discuss them with you and prepare a tailor made strategic program for you.

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